Pantry cosmetics Pt 2: Homemade lipstick


Wow. What a creepy selfie.

I have been working on this one all week. It took ten tries but I finally hit on the perfect proportions this morning: thick but creamy, not streaky, with rich color that’s not too orangey. How? Crayons.


There are a lot of variations on this recipe all over the internet and I tried more than a few. On Monday I hit on a super simple version from a YouTuber named Ms. Toi. From there I melted and remelted until I had just what I wanted.

Looks like its time for new reflector pans. Ugh!

Looks like its time for new reflector pans. Ugh!

Amanda's Vintage Red Homemade Lippy

1 whole red Crayola® crayon
1/4 purple Crayola® crayon
1/2 tsp shea butter (packed)
1/2 tsp jojoba oil

In a tiny double-boiler (a very small tin can, such a 6 oz tomato paste can or a little glass jar from pesto or capers inside your smallest sauce pan or a 1 cup steel measuring cup) heat all ingredients over low to medium heat. The crayons will melt faster if you break them up. Stir with a toothpick. When thoroughly melted and thoroughly stirred remove from heat, pour into whatever container you are going to keep it in (mini Altoid® tins are excellent) and allow to cool (15-30 minutes). Apply with fingers or a lip brush.

I skipped a step by both melting and storing my lipstick in little 0.2 oz pimento jars. You can add a drop or two of essential oil for flavor if you like. Peppermint, lemongrass, chocolate, vanilla. You get the idea.

Lessons learned:

  • Crayola® is vastly superior to knock-offs and generics. I tried the crayons they give away at Denny’s (which I think are RoseArt®) and they were greasy, orangey, and had nowhere near as much pigment as Crayola®.
  • This stuff cleans off of glass (with a dousing of boiling water) way easier than off of metal (good luck there).

I got this worked out just in time to wear it to Kevbo’s wedding tonight. Very excited!

— Amanda


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