2013 edible garden experimentation

seed catalogs

It’s official! (Because I just placed the last of my seed orders.) This year’s new, experimental crops will be: Japanese White Hulless popcorn and peanuts! Because I’ve finally given up on tomatoes I will have some extra room in the main garden for the popcorn. The peanuts will be grown above ground in black plastic nursery pots so that their soil stays extra warm.

And pumpkins are back. Probably just one hill this time (because three hills was serious overkill – we had 82 pounds of pumpkins the last time I made that mistake).

The next time I find myself at the nursery I’m going to get some more strawberry plants. The fancy-pants ones I bought online bore fruit just once and it was butt ugly. (For some reason my bees wouldn’t go near them and they didn’t get properly pollinated.) So this time I’ll get a more old-fashioned variety. They’ll go under the new peach tree that I’m working on espaliering. (That’s a whole other post.)

I also have grand delusions about reconfiguring the awkward, semi-edible front yard into a prettier, more edible front yard. We’ll see about that, but so far this season I am ahead on my outdoor chores for once, so I’m feeling cocky.

— Amanda

P.S. Sorry for the giant lag between posts. I have a lot of unfinished posts in progress but I have been distracted by good weather and Camp Nanowrimo.


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