Rosemary . . . and frogs.


I made a new friend while I was weeding the herb bed a few days ago.

I also happened to notice (which is to say that it was glaringly obvious) that my fourth (fourth!) rosemary in a row has kicked the bucket. This one made it until February and then browned up, shriveled up, and passed on (cue John Cleese).

Rosemary is rated up to (or is it down to?) zone 7, and we are supposedly in 7b. However, what with a few hundred feet of elevation and half a dozen lakes surrounding us we get colder than the most of the rest of the area. (Can you say microclimate?) Popular consensus on the “interweb” is that Rosemary is pretty damn hardy – until, that is, the temperature starts to fluctuate. And that’s what it does in January and February. Twenty degrees in the morning and fifty degrees in the afternoon. What’s a Mediterranean herb to do?

We found ourselves at the co-op (the one for people food, not the one for animal food) over the weekend and I bought my fifth baby rosemary. This time I will experiment with burlapping him or maybe covering him with a cloche. There’s also talk of my fantasy cold frames finally being made into a reality, so that’s an option, too.

— Amanda


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