2013 veggie garden layout


Click here for the PDF version. JPG was made from PDF using http://pdf2jpg.net.

Ah, crop rotation. Harder to figure than your taxes, but much more rewarding. For me, at least.

I just finished the 2013 main garden layout. In the main garden we’re doing these varieties:

  • Pea, ‘Alderman’ (AKA ‘Tall Telephone’)
  • Beet, ‘Golden’
  • Radish, ‘French Breakfast’
  • Carrot, ‘Tendersweet’
  • Cucumber, ‘National Pickling’
  • Pumpkin, ‘Small Sugar’
  • Onion, ‘Copra’
  • Potato, ‘Yukon Gold’
  • Potato, ‘Red Lasoda’
  • Popcorn, ‘Japanese White Hulless’
  • Lettuce, ‘Buttercrunch’
  • Beans, ‘Pinto’, ‘Dark Red Kidney’, and ‘Black Valentine’ (Saved from last year’s crop.)

No tomatoes this year. I give up. But getting them out of the way gave me extra room to work with, so I doubled up on onions (we can’t seem to grow enough!) and put pumpkins back on the roster (I really missed having them on hand last year).

Elsewhere in the yard we will be trying:

  • Artichoke, ‘Green Globe Improved’ (Mostly for looks because Matt won’t eat artichokes.)*
  • Dill, ‘Bouquet’
  • Monarda, ‘Panorama Mix’ (for tea)*
  • Peanut, variety unknown
  • Basil, ‘Lettuce Leaf’

— Amanda

* Perennial crop


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