We have recycling!


My new, huge recycling bin: already 2/3 full.

I finally managed to talk Matt into getting curbside recycling pick up. Yes, recycling is free at the dump, and yes, the dump is only two miles away, but the dump doesn’t have plastic recycling and the curbside service does.* The fee for this service is tiny (equivalent to about two espressos a month). Not having big, bulky, air-filled, non-crushable plastic containers taking up room in our garbage cans should, I hope, mean we go to the dump less. At worst, we break even but I sleep better at night knowing that my plastics are being recycled. Also, I don’t have 4-5 grocery bags of recyclables taking up room in our very limited household storage areas.

I cannot stress how elated I was when our backordered cart arrived today. I ran down the driveway and waved and yelled “Thank you!” at the delivery guy (who was either shy or freaked out). Then, I proceeded to toss in all the stuff I’ve been hoarding for this moment. The bin is almost full already! This is seriously the most exciting thing that’s happened around here since we got cable internet.**

— Amanda

*Huh? Lemme ‘splain: curbside service is provided by Waste Management, who are not affiliated with the dump (or, as it is more accurately called, the County Solid Waste Transfer Station). When Waste Management picks up our neighborhood’s trash and recycling they do not take it to the county facility, like Matt and I do – did, well, still do for trash – they take it to a third party MRF or Municipal Recycling Facility. The MRF Waste Management uses accepts plastics. The MRF the County uses does not.

** Just last year.


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