This post was going to be a good nine paragraphs long (in my usual long-winded style) but I’ve managed to condense it into this one, concise sentence: This blog isn’t any fun anymore so I’m going to change the format so that I do enjoy it.

To elaborate (just a touch, I promise): The very tight focus of this blog (self-sufficiency only) has prevented me from posting about all the fun (but frivolous) things we’ve been up to (like me losing 80 pounds and building a strange new wardrobe from thrift store finds, remodeling and redecorating our house on a dime, going on interesting road trips, and starting Matt’s small business). So, starting in a few days, I will revert back to the old name and address for the blog (SterlingFink and and I will enjoy the heck out of having a plain old personal blog where I can dither on about any damn thing for my own amusement and, perhaps, that of a few friends and family.

So update your bookmarks (or your reading list): we are now (again)! [NOTE FROM THE FUTURE (03/17/15): don’t go there. There’s nothing there. The blog is now at, where you are reading this right now.]

— Amanda

P.S. I will still post about self-sufficiency – but I’ll be posting about all sorts of other stuff, too.
P.P.S. Give me a few days to get the new/old site spiffed up.


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