Recipe roundup

recipe roundup

Here’s a list of new-to-us recipes we tried recently and liked enough to add to my big binder of favorite recipes:

Potato-Sour Cream Biscuits from Cooking Light. Even Matt, who claims to hate biscuits, snarfed down half a dozen of these in one sitting.

S’mores Chewy Crispy Bars from Cooking Light. Superior to every other “s’more bar” recipe. Step one is broiling the marshmallows so that they are roasted – and you can really taste that in the final product.

Cocoa Marshmallow Bars from Mid-Century Menu. Genius. How did it not occur to me that any breakfast cereal can be used in marshmallow cereal bars? We did this with Reese’s Puffs® and ate the whole batch in two days.

Grilled Pork Chops with Brown-Sugar Brine and Onion-Peach Marmalade from Sunset Magazine. Sounds fancy, looks fancy, tastes fancy. But it’s cheap and easy. I pan-fried my chops instead of grilling them.

— Amanda


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