Recipe roundup

recipe roundup

The latest recipes we’ve tried and loved. Good enough to make it into permanent rotation!

Philadelphia Mashed Potatoes from Kraft. Rich and tangy but not a calorie bomb thanks to fat free cream cheese. I used sour cream instead of milk, as usual.

Spanish Chicken and Rice with Saffron Cream from Cooking Light. I didn’t have saffron laying around (although I hope to have some next spring!) so I substituted turmeric. On the second night we ate it with hot corn tortillas and it tasted remarkably like one of our favorite dishes from the local Mexican restaurant.

Old-Fashioned Gingersnaps from Better Homes & Gardens. The cookies are soft but the turbinado sugar they are rolled in is crunchy, which we liked. Best of all, though: they are super-duper gingery. They taste a lot like Newman’s Own Ginger-O’s, which leads me to believe that these would make insanely good cookie sandwiches with a schmear of cream cheese frosting inside!

— Amanda


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