Before and after: On top of my dresser


Lookit all that stuff!


After: I pared it down to what I use but I left Grandma’s bottle and added a plant for color.

Everyone loves before and after photos, am I right? This one won’t exactly blow your mind but I sure enjoy looking at it every day. Every little bit really helps. I accomplished this over the span of an afternoon (coming and going between other chores – not a solid afternoon of nothing but rearranging the top of my dresser) by consolidating the jewelry I actually wear into the little leather box at the front and moving the other boxes (and all those damn bottles) into the “linen closet” behind the bedroom door. It took longer to rearrange the linen closet to accommodate this stuff neatly than it did to get it off the dresser.

The mother-in-law-tongue plant and its snazzy planter both came from Christianson’s Nursery in Mt. Vernon. I chose it because it can tolerate a lot of neglect and low light.

β€” Amanda


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