DIY log tote (free!)


Crap. I didn’t realize I was wearing living room camouflage. Only in my house could you be invisible when wearing mustard yellow.

Google log totes. I dare you. Don’t take a sip of that coffee, though – you might do a spit take. Expensive, no?

Well, ours wasn’t. Matt whipped it up a few years ago from a pair of jeans in the rag pile. He sliced off one half of a leg (the front or back, I forget which) right at the seams (which is why it hasn’t frayed into oblivion) and whacked it off under the pockets. He detached the waistband and cut it in half legnthwise and attached it to the ends of the leg piece (see below) as handles. He sewed the snot out of it on my sewing machine, making good use of the reverse button.


What matters is that the table will be clear in time for dinner, right? Failing that, I say we eat on the couch.

If you don’t have a machine or the inclination to hand sew you could punch a hole in the leg, feed the handle through and knot it.

— Amanda


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