Winter is coming


St. Francis is looking especially stoic among my frosty Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ this morning.


Viola ‘Sorbet Midnight Glow’.

It’s a decidedly nippy 20 degrees here this morning. The sun peeked over the hill about an hour ago but the needle on the thermometer in the woodshed hasn’t budged – and it’s in direct sunlight! Everything is coated in a thick silver frost, like someone neglected to dust for about a decade. I had to bring the chickens’ water font inside to fill it earlier because the outdoor spigots are frozen shut.

What a great day to stay inside and stoke the fire! Maybe I’ll do some unnecessary baking. I’m dying to try out Cooking Light’s new Triple Chocolate Muffins.

I hope you all stay warm and don’t have to work outside today. (Boy, am I glad those days are behind me.)

— Amanda

P.S. Sorry about the Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire reference. I am not a fan, but I couldn’t resist.


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