Spiffing up the coop


The chicken coop, now with what my brother Lars calls a “wall weed”. The chickens haven’t noticed it yet. They are busy plowing through a whole bale of straw. Note frosted bathroom window for chicken privacy.

Backyard chickens carry a virulent disease: silliness. People who keep few enough chickens to name them and recognize their personalities become infected with silliness and do things like this.

I have tried planting all sorts of things in the ridiculous little window box I insisted on adding to the chicken coop: nasturtiums, Johnny jump-ups, lobelia. Nothing toxic, thank goodness, because the chickens ate every last scrap! Let’s see how they like the taste of plastic and polyester ivy, shall we?

I don’t feel too bad about this frivolity because it was $1.00 at the Goodwill. Also, it will look nice in the snow.

One of these days I’m going to get really silly and make good on my long-standing threat to install little gingham curtains inside the coop window.

— Amanda


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