Kitchen revamp progress

I finished painting the kitchen and hallway today! (Both are Valspar Cincinnatian Hotel Carl Tan, which turned out way darker-looking than I anticipated, but I likes it.) According to my enormous, chronologically-sorted project to do list, that means that I can now recover the floor, install the freaking shelves that started this whole thing, and paint the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets will wait until summer, I think, so that I can lay them all out on the back lawn and paint them all at once (as opposed to one at a time in the utility room). Also, doing all the doors and drawer fronts at once will make painting the boxes easier. (Pinterest abounds with tutorials on painting cabinets. Here’s one that I have pinned.) I just spent my floor money on a new desk (it was a wicked good deal) so it looks like that will wait a bit, too. We have the materials on hand for the shelves but Matt is working two jobs and I think I’ll need his help on them (unless he trusts me to use the table saw without his supervision – and given that I nearly lost a thumb baking a pie, I can see why he is reluctant), so we’ll see how the chronology shakes out.

In the meantime, enjoy my progress photos.

Here’s what the kitchen corner looked like in 2008 when Matt put in the original shelves for me as a first anniversary present. The next set of shelves will be done the same way, functionally, but will have plain muslin curtains and little fascia thingies like these here.

See the terrible little windows I used to hate so much?

Here’s what it looks like this morning.

— Amanda


3 thoughts on “Kitchen revamp progress

  1. You're just rockin' and rollin' on your projects! And I have to say, what a sweet anniversary present! I can really identify with the amount of work you've put into the projects, and also the incredibly good feelings that come with it!You have done a great job on the various projects. Keep having fun! 🙂


  2. Thank you! I may never catch up to how much work you've done on your place, but I know we both know that sweet (and a little smug) feeling of accomplishment that comes with DIY home improvement.


  3. Smug-schmug. We earned it, dammit! 🙂 Don't let anyone rain on your parade. The drawback to DIY is when mistakes are made (fill in embarrassing comment here, because I'm not about to supply any!), but on the other side of the coin is “that's all part of the learning process.”


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