Recipe roundup

recipe roundupHere’s a list of recipes we’ve tested lately that made us make Homer Simpsons’s gargling, groaning, eye-rolling “yummy” noise. (You know the one I mean. The one that comes just after he says “doughnuts” or “sacrilicious”.)

Quiche Lorraine from Cooking Light. Simple. Classic. Delicious. Contains one of my all-time favorite cheeses in the whole world: Gruyère. Make it the night before and nuke it for breakfast, or serve it as lunch or dinner with a simple salad. Freezes well, so you can keep it in reserve and then impress the pants off of surprise guests.

The Perfect Bolognese from the Telegraph. Spaghetti Bolognese, (“Spag Bol,” in the UK), has deviated wildly from its roots. This recipe conforms to the official one set down by the eponymous city of Bologna. We were startled to find that “real” Bolognese sauce is nothing like the pretty-much-marinara that we’ve been putting on our noodles all this time. “This doesn’t even taste Italian,” said Matt. “I know,” I said. “It tastes French. Like a beefy coq au vin.” But we loved it. The ingredients are dead simple: beef, carrots, celery, onions, lots of wine, tomatoes. The trick is time: the sauce simmers, covered, for almost 2 hours, which infuses the meat strongly with the flavor of the wine. The sauce is juicy, so serve with crusty bread or rolls.

Chicken Makhani from Looks complicated (all Indian food does, doesn’t it?) but isn’t. A sauce rich with cream, ginger, cumin, and garam masala coats dark chicken. Not even that bad for you, in moderation. We served it over rice with roasted asparagus. If I hadn’t known the excesses it would lead to I would have made chapatis to go with.

— Amanda


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