Lesser resolutions


Wow. That’s a lot of recipes. I wonder how they taste? Only one way to find out . . .

Since the turn of the year I’ve started a second list of resolutions. Nothing as concrete and important as the “real” resolutions. These are things I just sorta, you know, wanna do better at . . . and stuff.

But I’ve been having success with these lesser resolutions, so I thought I’d share them.

  • Fix my bangs. I covered this in a previous post. So far, amazingly, I have managed not to trim my bangs once this year. I didn’t know how often I did it until I stopped. The damn things are almost down to my eyebrows. I’ve been sweeping them to the side a lot and using my mini straight iron on them almost every day. I kinda want to set them on fire. But when they start to frustrate me I do a Google image search for “Amelie” or “Janeane Garofalo” (in Reality Bites) and I remember that it’s worth the aggravation.
  • Write in my “good things” journal every day. So far so good! Although it’s not always easy to put down nothing but positive stuff after a crappy day. In fact, there’s one day in the book that says, simply “Ice cream”.
  • Stop hoarding recipes. Try them. Now. Don’t wait for a special occasion. If it’s good, keep it. If it sucks toss it. And if it’s that complicated or daunting you’d never dream of trying it when you (literally) have all day then you wouldn’t want to do it when you have a house full of people. So get rid of it. This is going to be a fun resolution. Successes will, of course, be shared on the blog.
  • Read the books on my library lists before they get out of control. My local library system’s online portal lets you keep multiple lists of items. I have 11 lists with a total of 156 books (and 5 movies) on them. Last year I only managed to read 85 books. So I have almost two years worth of books on these lists!

— Amanda


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