Recipe roundup

We ate it. We loved it. We think you might, too. Here’s our new favorite recipes:


Winter Salad with a Goat’s Cheese Mousse (not shown moussed here) with a dollop of risotto and little venison steaks.

Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip-Oatmeal Cookies from Sunset. A whole cup of butter. A whole cup of peanut butter. Chocolate.Of course they’re good! Use a large cookie scoop, if you have one (the 2 tablespoon size is perfect).

Winter Salad with a Goat’s Cheese Mousse from The Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo. (That link will take you to a page where someone has entered the recipe. You can also follow this link to watch a clip on this recipe from Ms. Khoo’s BBC show. Or you can get the book from the library and drool over all the lovely French recipes.) I simplified this recipe by simply using sliced unripened chevre instead of the mousse. The combination of the sweet but earthy roasted beets, parsnips, and apples with the smooth but super-tangy chevre and the salty, smoky bacon was a big win. I put my salad together more traditionally, too: I put the veggies and cheese on top of a deep bed of lettuce instead of “composing” it as the clip shows. Made per the original proportions, this salad would be a great meal all on its own, but I whacked it down to a miniature size and served it alongside dinner. Not to go on all day about this recipe, but the cheese I used, Woolwich Dairy Chevrai, was the first non-feta goat’s cheese I’d tasted. Wow! I never thought I’d find a cheese I liked more than feta. This is tangier yet and the texture is luxurious. It’s also not as salty and I think that makes it more versatile. It will definitely fall into my shopping cart again.

Tomato Pie from Simply Recipes. I got Matt to eat this by “forgetting” to tell him that it contained an entire 8 ounce jar of mayonnaise. This is the southern American equivalent of quiche. Recipes abound. I tweaked this one by caramelizing the onions and adding bacon. All it needed was a fresh green salad. What bright flavors! This was pretty darn tasty with hothouse romas in the middle of winter, so I’m betting it’s spectacular with garden-fresh heirlooms in summer.

— Amanda


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