Mama’s got a squeezebox


Perhaps after I master a song I will have Matt use his mad video skills to record me so that you can hear this darling thing play.

Look out, world! I am the proud owner of a vintage Schylling button accordion.

We had to get out of the house (and away from the police scanner) yesterday because we were downright dizzy from the emotional overload of the landslide, so we went on a totally frivolous drive up to Bow-Edison and back down through Conway and Silvana. In Conway, at one of our favorite antiques stores, Matt (in a fit of generosity I am sure he will live to regret) urged me to buy the little toy accordion I was squealing about.

I made godawful noises with it all the way home in the Karl* until I got back to the computer, where I discovered my new favorite blog: Tabs 4 Toy Accordion. There, I learned the basics of how my new noisemaker works, and I have already almost mastered “Que Sera Sera.” This is a huge difference from my flirtation with the banjo. I struggled with simple rolls for months and didn’t retain a thing. I’ve had this accordion for less than 24 hours and I already have a few lines of “Que Sera Sera” memorized. I think I have found my instrument! Next I want to learn the Godfather theme, “La Valse d’Amélie,” and “Moon River.”

I have grandiose visions of kicking back by the bonfire during the summer and squeezing away while everyone nods and chats and drinks the last of their beers.

— Amanda

*Karl is my Volvo.


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