Always at hand


Like the mismatched screws? They were left over from previous projects.

I use my ancient Corona pruners almost every day, regardless of whether there is any pruning to be done or not. They snip herbs for dinner (even in the dead of winter, because I love me some fresh thyme) and flowers for the vase on the kitchen table. Yes, I even use them to prune: fruit trees, ornamentals, the blackberries that are trying to colonize the back yard. Yesterday, after I used them to cut back all the dead wood on my sage, oregano, and thyme, I also used them for the rather unorthodox purpose of chopping up a section of split garden hose so that it would fit neatly in to the garbage can.

In short, if these guys lived in the locked garden shed with the wonky doors that only open a foot at most I would go nuts or resort to gumming up my paper scissors with tulip sap.

I got tired of leaving them on top of the dryer by the back door because that’s also where I toss my chore coat and gloves and I keep getting the three intertwined in irritating (and sometimes painful) ways. So when I was at the feed store today I invested in a $0.69 1″ conduit strap from the plumbing aisle. I needed to bend it out a little to accommodate the handles of my pruners, but I was able to do it without pliers. I screwed it up next to the can crusher, which the previous occupants mounted on a 1/4″ thick chunk of plywood. (I suspect, given what I know about the previous assholes homeowners that the plywood was originally intended to mask a large hole, rather than as a mounting plate for the can crusher.) I mounted it high like I did so that the pruners aren’t flush against the wall, which will make it easier to get my hands around them, particularly when I am wearing garden gloves.

— Amanda


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