Egg oddities


We have five chickens. Usually there are 2-3 eggs in the coop when I feed them in the morning. This morning I was pleasantly surprised to find five! Every one of the girls pitched in. You can see that each egg is a little different: one is almost goose-sized and pink, three are almost brown (one fairly normal, one small, and one pointy on both ends). And then there’s the round one. One of the girls only lays about twice a month, and her eggs are always . . . well, interesting. More often than not they don’t have a shell at all. (Think about that for a second. Yech.) But when they do, they are almost white and usually translucent. They are generally huge and often are double-yolkers. Today’s, however, looks like it was donated by a turtle. It’s almost perfectly round, not much bigger than a normal egg, wrinkled, and only see-through in a few spots.

Since we have three Barred Rocks (which we call The Hickory Shirt chickens) and two Rhode Island Reds I have ass-u-med that the three brownish eggs come from the Hickory Shirt gang and the faintly pink ones come from the Rhodies. Given that, I am going to further ass-u-me that the Rhody with the bad attitude, grossly enlarged crop, and bizarre swagger is the layer of the oddball eggs. Despite her myriad foibles and what appear to be medical issues she remains perky, active and bossy.

Chickens: you never really know what you’re going to get.

— Amanda


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