Recipe roundup


The latest and greatest of the recipes we have tested.

Christmas Carbonara from Jamie Oliver. I used to go to Quiznos a lot. They have a chicken carbonara sandwich with chicken (obviously), bacon, mushrooms, and a parmesan alfredo sauce. Years later I have learned to cook and I now know that is so not a traditional carbonara. And I so don’t care. Soooo tasty. “Real” carbonara is spaghetti,pancetta or guanciale, parmesan, and eggs. No cream, no peas, no mushrooms. Though I love authentic carbonara, the addition of the admittedly unnecessary calories and irresistible flavor of sauteed mushrooms and creme fraiche is an improvement, if you ask me. Jamie Oliver seems to agree. This is an eye-rollingly delicious dish, and it’s dead simple, too. I served it on homemade whole wheat fettuccine.

ANZAC Biscuits from Martha Stewart. I actually made these a few days after ANZAC day (April 25) but I didn’t even know how close I was to the date – I just wanted some oaty cookies to have with my afternoon coffee. ANZAC Day was originally instituted to commemorate the soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps members who fought at Gallipoli in WWI but it has been broadened to include”who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations” and “the contribution and suffering of all those who have served.”* These cookies were reputedly created to be mailed to the soldiers. Supposedly they kept well on their long sea voyage to Turkey because they contain no eggs. I think I did something wrong when I made these because this and other recipes describe the cookies as being crunchy and the dough as being crumbly but my dough was thick and gooey and my cookies came out lacy and chewy and caramely. Right or wrong they are excellent cookies – and easy, to boot. They are heaven after a few seconds in the microwave but I think they would also be perfect for ice cream sandwiches.

Lebanese Meatballs from The View From Great Island. These meatballs were excellent and easy to make. Since it can be a butt pain to get meatballs thoroughly cooked without scorching their outsides (especially if you, like me, cannot learn to simply make smaller meatballs) these go in the oven for a bit after pan frying. The meatballs are, of course, delicious: beef, lamb, goat cheese, scallions, cumin, cardamom. (I omitted the mint.) But the sauce was insane. I’m glad I cut it in half because we hardly put a dent in the small pond it created. It’s super duper-zingy! Full of fresh cilantro and lemon and raw garlic. Ugh. Yass. Serve with saffron or turmeric rice and kiss it all goodbye because there won’t be leftovers.

— Amanda

*Wikipedia “Anzac Day


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