A very small update from a very sore blogger

Nothing of great interest going on here lately. Nothing blog-worthy, at least. But I do have one (sad) announcement:

  • Chesty, the Rhode Island Red layer with the chronic crop problems, took a sudden turn for the worse this weekend and we put her out of her misery on Sunday morning.

and one (exciting) teaser:

  • There is a chance in hell that, after 8 years in this house I may finally get the massive front flowerbed cleared. Matt’s new toy (a rusty old backhoe named Candy) has been a big help in this. But still, I’ve put in a solid week of work and I’m only halfway done. But when I am – and more to the point, when I get to start replanting – it’s going to be spectacular.

That is all.

— Amanda

P.S. Sore because of the week in the flowerbed and also because of the three day weekend in the woods with Matt making wooden sacrifices to a hungry and demanding industrial brush chipper.


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