Bathtub peeps are getting huuuuuuuge


Lookit ’em! And they’re almost completely feathered, too. Someday soon they will be on their way to their “real” mom, Sam.

For comparison purposes, I again present a picture of the chicks as day-old fluffballs:


And one as half-feathered awkward teens:


Boy, am I glad that phase is over. I think they’re going to be big, beautiful birds.

— Amanda

P.S. I have to confess that I may have accidentally named the chicks. You are under absolutely no obligation to keep these names, Sam – and it won’t matter to them if you call them something else because they don’t know their own names. But you have to admit they are clever names: the Ameraucana is Connie, the Buff Orpington is Buffy, and the Barred Rock is Barbie.


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