A nice day for a spot of painting

I have been picking away at recaulking the house’s exterior. A little here, a little there, then I paint over it the next day. Today I was painting both with both the house blue and the trim almond colors and since I was already out and had brushes going and the paint cans open . . .


I finally painted the trim on the chicken coop. Actually, even compared to the photo below, from December, it looks quite spiffy.


I have still not made the little curtains I keep threatening to put up at the frosted window, but it’s not because I’m ever going to admit that it’s a silly idea. Rather, it is because A) the frosted window will not allow me admire the curtains from outside and B) I am afraid the chickens will freak the f*ck out.

Be that as it may, it will probably still happen one of these days.

— Amanda


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