Before and after: goodbye hi-fi clutter and hello new bed

after living room 001

Before: At the bottom of the frame you can see the stack of shit on top of the hi-fi, which, because it had a stack of shit on top of it (including another record player) we never used. The hi-fi goes to its new home on Thursday, where it will hopefully get more use.


After: This bookshelf replaces both the hi-fi and the knee-high filing cabinet that was clogging up the entrance to the dining room. All the shit from the top of the hi-fi, as well as the smaller record player, go on the open shelves and the files from the filing cabinet are behind the cabinet doors. There’s even (finally) a place for Matt’s lunch box and my stack of library books (other than the dining room table). Also, it protrudes only about half as much as the hi-fi, giving us a eensy (but valuable) bit more floor space.

Remember way back when I finally finished the green wall and I promised that I would deal with the hi-fi (and the years of clutter on top of it) really soon? Well, that was December 2013. I finally got around to it yesterday.

This month we had one of only two “free” paychecks this year– a check out of which no bills at all needed to be paid. I’m hoping to sock some of it away in savings but we agreed ahead of time to make at least one major purchase with it: a bed. We have a decent mattress and box spring which are only a year or two old, topped by a nice featherbed. But the frame we have been using is one of those angle-iron and industrial caster nightmares with no support underneath at all, so our carefully selected mattress and box spring visibly sagged in the center– even when neither of us fatasses was on the bed. I shopped around and found a bed we both instantly liked the looks of, and which went along with the general style and color of our dressers (square, leaning toward Mission style, and stained very dark). I was extremely pleased, when constructing it, to find that there were five sturdy slats underneath – which screwed into place so that they can’t wiggle loose – the middle three of which have extra legs in the middle for even more support. It feels like a whole new bed. Like a bed at a fancy hotel.


Before: We may as well have had the mattress on the floor. At least then it would have been flat! This picture is from 2006, the year we moved in. We had gotten as far as painting over the one wall that was 97% Kelly green, but not as far as painting it blue.


After: What a difference! Paint! Artwork! A snazzy bedframe! The bed’s made, even! The nightstands still don’t match anything and the bedspread and curtains are still at odds, but nothing actually clashes. It’s actually pretty restful in there these days. (If you ignore the avalanche of magazines and socks pouring out of Matt’s nightstand, that is.)

Every day it looks just a little less like a frathouse in here.

— Amanda


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