Anniversary 2014

Matt and I just got back yesterday from our 7th anniversary celebration: glamping* on the Olympic Peninsula. We save up all year for this madness. Matt took the whole week off this year. (“Just in case we can’t – or don’t want to – come back on time.”)

I was close to tears when I discovered that the place where we stayed last year, Lake Crescent Lodge, was booked to bursting. But their sister location, Lake Quinault Lodge, was built in about the same period, sits on the southern edge of the same national park, and costs a little less per night, so we decided to chance it. All in all it was a very good experience. But, and I feel incredibly spoiled saying this, it just couldn’t hold up to the impossible standard set by our little cabin at Lake Crescent. Our room was nothing like the image on the website. It was cozy and cute but we had been led to expect big and fancy. (Also it would have been nice to be warned that the walls were so thin we could hear the guy in the next room take his clothes off their hangers and people in the hall breathing. And that the whole place is heated by steam radiators that look neato but totally shriek “nureek, retut, hanunga”** in the small hours of the morning at top volume.)

However, it did have the amenities we were seeking: 1) top notch gourmet restaurant on-site, 2) buttloads of trails in one of the most impressive forests in the whole world, 3) a lovely, swimmable lake. This meant that we alternately got filthy (hiking and boating and swimming) and then poshed it up in the restaurant and lounge. I brought both bug spray and nice dresses. (Two actually – with hats – because we stayed two nights.) It wasn’t ever warm enough to swim but the weather was great for hiking (which we really overdid) and Matt even managed to get me out in a boat.


Matt and a big tree.


Amanda and a big tree.

Karl and a big tree.

Karl and a big tree.

Matt in a rowboat.

Matt in a rowboat.

Amanda in a rowboat.

Amanda in a rowboat.

A dead elk in the lodge.

A dead elk in the lodge.

— Amanda

* Glamorous camping. Per the Oxford English Dictionary: “A form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.”

Red Dwarf Series 7, episode “Duct Soup”. Actually, if you didn’t get that reference or are having a less than stellar day, please just see Red Dwarf.


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