A little gardening between rainstorms

Because the big front bed is so big it still has some empty areas (even taking into account the eventual mature size of the existing material) and so does the bed around the house now, because I recently stormed around yanking out stuff that didn’t live up to my expectations. (That is, the smelly, messy, floppy pink Verbascums, and the lanky, weedy-looking, also floppy Rudbeckia hirta.) So the day before yesterday I hit The Plant Farm* when all the stars aligned to make it the perfect day to shop for plants:

  1. It was pouring down rain. Other than one couple who didn’t stray from the cover of the cabana, I was the only non-employee present.
  2. It is September, when Plant Bucks are redeemable on all plant material, not just trees and shrubs.
  3. It was Plant Buck Amnesty Week, when you can use plant bucks from any nursery — and expired ones, too.
  4. The 50% table was laden with goodies that were rootbound, unpopular, or recently pruned back hard.

I had some Bucks from previous trips this year, and I also discovered a fistful of Bucks from 2004. Also, I had just purchased a hooded raincoat.


And that is how I scored almost $70 worth of plant material for just over $25 dollars.


2 Echinacea ‘Magnus’, 1 Crocosmia ‘Emily McKenzie’, 1 Corepsis ‘Elfin Gold’, 1 Corepsis ‘Rum Punch’, 1 Artemesia ‘Silver King’, 1 tricolor sage, 2 Sedum cauticola, 1 Oregano ‘Kent Beauty’, and 2 ‘Bugundy Glow’ bugleweed.

Today was supposed to be the only clear day for some time so as soon as I was sufficiently caffeinated I hustled on out there and stuck that stuff in the ground.


I put the tender green ‘Kent Beauty’ oregano alongside the new stairs in the big front bed between an ‘October Daphne’ sedum (currently a wild hot pink) and a Heuchera ‘Creme Brulee’ (currently a winey-bronzey color).


I divided both the rootbound bugleweeds and planted them randomly around the edges of the bid front bed. This one ended up between another ‘October Daphne’, a lady’s mantle, and a ‘Bonfire’ euphorbia. At the top of the frame you can see the tricolor sage.


Last night’s rain collected in the top of one of my ‘Melrose’ apples.


St. Francis is becoming obscured by the profusion of ‘Autumn Joy’ sedums by the front porch.


New growth on my recently moved pink coralberry beaded with rain.


My ‘Pink Champagne’ smokebush is so happy with my endless toil in the front bed that it has doubled in size over the summer!

— Amanda

*[Note from the future (03/19/15): My second-ever employer and perennially (heh) my favorite garden center to patronize, the Plant Farm sadly closed its doors permanently not long after this post was written. The visit I write of in this post turned out to be my last. The Plant Farm was a very popular local business and appeared to be very profitable. To date, no reason has been given for the closure.]


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