Recipe roundup

recipe roundupSorry to post yet another recipe roundup, but the weather has been dour and damp and depressing so I have been hiding indoors working on our Halloween costumes. Other than that and binge-watching New Girl I haven’t done much but cook. But I’ve tried out some new recipes that are worth sharing!

Orange Chicken from ABC. This recipe was created for a man who was featured on the TV show Extreme Weight Loss. (Which is way, way better than The Biggest Loser, btw.) This is so easy and so powerfully flavorful that I guarantee when you have this recipe on hand you won’t need to hit up the fake Chinese section of the deli at the grocery store. I made it even easier on myself by steaming the broccoli over my brown rice in my little rice cooker while I cooked the chicken. That done, you whisk together the sauce ingredients (fresh ginger and garlic, lots of OJ, a little brown sugar and vinegar and soy sauce) and it cooks for just a minute or two, until thick.

Rogan Josh from Cooking Light. While this dish takes time (about two hours on the stove top and at least 8 hours to marinate) it is super easy: marinate, braise, add yogurt and cilantro, snarf while making obscene yummy noises. It was torture to smell lamb cocooned in a heady mixture of half my spice cabinet cooking for hours and hours, but heaven to eat that tender lamb in a velvety, tangy sauce over rice. (With, as ever, chapatis.)

L.E.O. Scramble from Oxmoor House. I had to try this because it sounded so similar to something I ate when we went to Crescent Lake last year: eggs, cream cheese, green onions, smoked salmon. Unf. There’s that sweet-savory-tangy-umami combo again. Lower in calories and fat than you might think, and easy enough that I’m having this from breakfast on weekdays.

— Amanda


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