Winter is coming

(Yes, I made a Game of Thrones reference. I’m sure I’ll regret it.)

But it’s true. Winter is coming. Forecasters are saying that we’re having another one of those unfortunate arctic air displacements where Alaskans crow “How d’ya like them apples, Seattle?” when their frigid air gets shunted down into our state. There’s a motherloving snowflake icon in the NOAA forecast for our neighborhood this week. A snowflake before Thanksgiving. (Go back to hell, snowflake.)

This morning we got our first frost of the year (a cue for me to sob all the way to the grocery store to stock up on canned chili and white gas).


And the temperature when I fed the chickens half an hour ago was right at 30 degrees.


Ugh. I’m gonna go have another cup of coffee and make a roaring fire so that my finger joints sufficiently thaw to allow me to work on my NaNoWriMo novel.

Stay warm, kids.

— Amanda


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