Recipe roundup

We ate it, we loved it, we think you will, too. This time around, somehow, everything is Greek.


Chicken gyros on Greek pitas with “Greek fries.”  Steak fries for Matt and sweet potato fries for me.

Lamb Souvlaki Skewers from BBC’s Good Food. Did you see the recipe I posted for Froso’s potatoes? Well here’s a recipe that approximates their lamb souvlaki. They’re dynamite together. Marinated chunks of lamb kabob-style. Charred but tender. Marinate the lamb in wine, oregano, garlic, and lemon zest all day and then grill or dry fry for practically no time at all. You can serve them with rice or pitas instead of the potatoes and mushrooms. Just remember to convert all the quantities since this is a British recipe.

Easy Chicken Gyros from FoodiBank. Marinate chicken breasts in yogurt, garlic, and oregano and then saute and slice and fill pitas with this very moist chicken, tzatziki sauce (recipe included), red onions, and tomatoes. As the title promises it is very easy. And the flavor was very authentic. I made these with the pitas below and we snarfed it all down with “Greek fries.” (Fast food gyro places put oregano on French fries and feta on ketchup and call it “Greek fries.” Sounds silly but tastes great.)

Traditional Greek Pita Bread from Half Baked Harvest. I was worried about this recipe. It looked identical to the recipe I used for my beloved chapatis except that all the flour is white. How would this not result in white chapatis — chewy and dense? How could these turn out so different? I don’t know. Magic. Science. However it happened, it happened, and they were white and fluffy and pillowy and soft. Heaven. This is a great boon because Greek pitas are a lot harder to find in stores than pocket pitas and both are invariably stale by the time you get them home so they crack and leak their precious contents all over your hands. Not so these beautiful babies!

— Amanda


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