Recipe roundup

Real Bagels from Cooking Light. I had been putting off trying this recipe forever and day because I thought, “Bagels? Those can’t be easy.” Oh, but they are! Make dough, let it sit half an hour, then form little rolls out of it and poke holes in them. (Make sure to make ludicrously big holes because when I made holes as big as I wanted them in the final product they disappeared when the bagels swelled in the oven.) Blanch in lightly sugared water for just 30 seconds and then bake for just seven minutes. Chewy perfection.

Toasted Millet and Confetti Vegetable Salad with Sesame and Soy Dressing from Cooking Light. There’s a lot going on in this salad! Sweet and crunchy carrots and bell peppers; fluffy, nutty millet; umami walnuts and soy sauce — and then POW! Raw garlic and POW! raw ginger. All this plus a generous serving size (almost 2 cups) will put this in permanent rotation in my lunchtime menu options.

Roasted Cauliflower with Dijon Vinaigrette from Cooking Light’s Simmer and Boil blog. This was a fantastic side for a nice ribeye. A piquant change from potatoes. I highly recommend this side but I also recommend simplifying the hell out of it: omit the stem puree and simply dress the roasted florets with the vinaigrette. Why complicate something as great as nutty roasted cauliflower plus the zing and punch of lemon zest and capers and the subtle burn of mustard?

— Amanda


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