Publishing update

Before & after.

Before & after.

Have you noticed how incredibly productive a deadline can make you?  In the past month I have reorganized the utility room, spent several hours in the band shed loft restacking boxes, revamped the weekly/daily cleaning checklist, filed the B&O taxes for Matt’s business, added over 400 books to my Goodreads account, started looking for a part-time telecommuting job, cleaned the chicken coop twice (that’s huge, yo), and once I even backed up the hard drive.But, of course, none of that had anything to do with writing. And I mentioned publishing in the 2014 holiday card letter, which makes it binding. Several dozen people are going to be hounding me about this.  It’s in my best interests to light a fire under my own ass.

So this week I wrote “ELLIPSIS” in big letters on Thursday’s square on the calendar, and outside of eating and doing a load of laundry all I did was work on Ellipsis.  I finished marking up the last two chapters on the print copy and then got all those corrections into the computer.  I am now ready for the next step: beta reading.

A beta reader is another set of eyes to look over your work and find errors, omissions, typos, inconsistencies, and to give an evaluation.  Most betas are avid readers and may also be amateur or professional writers, but because they usually work for free (or for a beta reading swap) they are rarely professional editors.  Since I can’t afford an editor I’m going to use at least one beta reader.  I have never used one before nor have I beta read for anyone else but I am going to offer a swap. Today I’ll be throwing my hat into that ring.

After I’ve had a beta (or maybe two) look over the manuscript it’s time for the nitty gritty part of the publishing: layout, cover design, that sort of thing.

Holy crap, this is really happening!

— Amanda


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