Today’s bouquet

todays bouquet 3-20-15Technically, this is Wednesday’s bouquet. It was a surprisingly nice day – too nice to stay indoors, no matter how pressing my digital to-do list. I weeded the big front bed and the little one that wraps around the house, pruned, and fertilized. And then I clambered over a pile of cedar rounds behind the equipment trailer and snipped these branches for the kitchen table.

This is the first homegrown bouquet of the year, so I had to share.  All the others thus far in 2015 have come from the little fridge at the IGA.

There’s only two things blooming in my yard right now, and I’m not about to whack that single miniature daffodil by the herb garden, so this bouquet is simple, just two little sprays of ornamental quince (Chaenomeles speciosa).  I don’t know the variety because it was here when we moved in (this is one of the few existing plants I haven’t offed).

— Amanda


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