Friday link roundup

friday link roundup

I am testing this feature and hope to run it every Friday. This will be a roundup of links to articles, posts, apps, sites, and other online content that I found interesting, inspiring, or useful during the week.

While I still have Pocket to quickly add to my “read later” queue, I switched this week from Diigo‘s QuickNote extension to Evernote. While both are convenient ways to make notes to myself that are always at hand in my browser (I love OpenOffice but sometimes by the time it fires up I have forgotten what I was going to write), Evernote has more formatting and organization options, and I can send notes to it via text message. (I don’t have a smart phone.) In the years since I started using QuickNote Diigo added a sharing option but I never needed it until now. Evernote has sharing, too, with collaborative features.  This may come in handy for beta reading and editing. Or not. Either way I am very happy with Evernote now.

Why crime fiction is leftwing and thrillers are rightwing. In this Guardian piece, Scottish crime writer Val McDermid points out a phenomenon I never before noticed (not being an avid reader of the genre) and explains why it is increasingly important.

No recipe website will ever eclipse my beloved Cooking Light, but to even compete with it for my attention is noteworthy. At Food52, very careful curation (and very good photography) sets this site apart from all other reader-submitted-recipe sites. These are truly great recipes. Always interesting and frequently eclectic, eccentric, and international. I have enjoyed everything I have tried from this site and if I had to eat the mujaddara I found there every day for the rest of my life, I’d be OK with that.

How Long Does it Actually Take to Form a New Habit? Blogger James Clear, like me, enjoys researching old saws and commonly-held misapprehensions.  Turns out that the oft-repeated time frame of 21 days to make a new habit is one of these incorrect rules of thumb.

— Amanda


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