Friday link roundup

friday link roundupAt The Little House in the City I read about an alternative to the now-standard (and once found only in luxury hotels) fluffy terry towel. Like most Americans, I have towels like these, and they take a lot of water to wash and two cycles to dry. In the summer, they come off the line as pliable and soft as asphalt shingles and in the winter they don’t completely dry between uses. This post suggests trying old-fashioned or European-style towels made of chambray, linen, microfiber, or waffle-woven cotton. I snagged a like-new waffle towel from the thrift store for $5 and I have been converted.

newsflash: sometimes it’s okay to not follow your dreams. I think this is a reminder we all need sometimes. We are under so much pressure from memoirists, advertising, superbloggers, and 50% of Pinterest pins to “follow our dreams”, “never give up on our dreams”, and “never settle for work that feels like work.” *Ahem* That sounds like quite the luxury to me. And to Kelton Wright, who assures us that “it’s brave to quit your job to go paint in Peru for a year, but it’s also brave to work two jobs to help pay for your mom’s medical bills.”

This article from Mother Jones confirms what I have long suspected: the new arsenal of so-called “superfoods” are no better or worse for you than cheaper, more sustainable, less exotic foods to which you already have easy access.

Do you have a towering stack of books teetering dangerously in your house? A never-ending list on Goodreads or at your library’s website? TBR Time is an online calculator that estimates how long it will take you to read aaaaaall those books. Just in case you were curious, or thinking of taking a hiatus form work to plow through them so that you can walk freely about your house again without triggering a book-a-lanche.

— Amanda


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