Friday link roundup

friday link roundup

Do you still have Seattle FilmWorks film laying around? I recently discovered a roll. I thought I had rushed the last of them of to PhotoWorks (as they rebranded themselves in 1999) before they closed permanently (in 2011, after a lot of lawsuits), but alas, I uncovered one more during spring cleaning. Do not despair! I found a company that still processes this dreaded film! The Camera Shop, Inc. in St. Cloud, MN will let you mail in your Seattle FilmWorks film and solve the mystery of what the hell is on there. Long lost memories returned at last! (Spoiler: My roll turned out to be 20 shots of the 1999 Seattle Flower and Garden show taken with a weak flash. *sigh*)

The Minimalists, one of my new favorite blogs, wrote recently about the difficulty of Letting Go of Sentimental Items, which is something we all struggle with and which I have revisited myself, this spring. These guys always write inspiring stuff, and this is no exception.

Fun fact: In WWI, MI5 used Girl Guides (the UK equivalent of Girl Scouts) as spies. No, really. And it gets even better: “At the start of the war Boy Scouts were also used. But it quickly became clear that Girl Guides were more efficient because they were less boisterous and talkative.”

Do you participate in NaNoWriMo? Do you have any sort of writing project with a deadline? Or do you simply feel that imposing a deadline, even an arbitrary one, would help you write? There’s a handy online tool called Pacemaker, which can help you out. You tell it your goal word count, your start and end dates, and even such extra criteria as which days of the week you want to work more/less on, and the steadyness/increase/decrease of your intensity over the life of the project, and it poops out a calendar for you. (Or a table. Or a graph.)

— Amanda


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