Publishing update: proof

proof 06-17-15My proof copy arrived yesterday! I flailed and whooped for a good five minutes before I was able to chill out enough to flip the pages and call everyone I knew to tell them about it. It looked pretty darn good but I naturally found some tweaks to make. The cover has been fixed and I’m halfway through scribbling all over the interior. Tomorrow I should be able to make all the interior changes and upload them. Then I’ll ask for another proof (better safe than sorry). Ass-u-me-ing that the second proof looks good then Ellipsis should be available for sale in (conservative estimate from a liberal mind) in anywhere from two weeks to a month. June 20th, the last day of spring, was my original deadline, so this will put me over it, but not drastically. Despite reading everything about indie publishing I could get my paws on I am still learning by doing, and that takes time.

TL;DR: It’s happening, people!

— Amanda


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