Two waterfalls in one day

On Sunday I joined my husband’s family on not one, but two hikes to spread some of his mother’s ashes. I hadn’t been on a hike since our anniversary so it’s a good thing there weren’t many airborne bugs, because I walked the whole way with my mouth hanging open. You would never know I am a lifelong native of the Pacific Northwest. Get me in a forest and I turn into the double rainbow guy. “Oh my god, a tree! Another tree! Look at that rock! Look at that river! Oh my god . . .”

We hiked first to Boulder Falls,

Boulder Falls (2)

Boulder Falls (15)

Boulder Falls (54)

And then to North Sauk Falls.

Sauk Falls (2)

Sauk Falls (7)

Sauk Falls (14)

Frank (L) and Matt (R) shown for scale.

— Amanda


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