(Very short) Book Review: All The Birds, Singing by Evie Wyld

Image from Goodreads

Nothing in the back cover blurbs or the synopsis inside the front gave me any indication that this book was going to be gritty and harsh. It’s beautifully told, though without a single unnecessary word, and yet very dark. There was a momentum that was more than just suspenseful which compelled me to drag the book around the house with me to read while I cooked and waited for websites to load because I simply couldn’t stay away from the story even though I feared it would turn on me at any moment.

I don’t think I could handle re-reading this book but I’d do some despicable things to be able to write like this!

— Amanda

[NOTE: This review originally appeared on Goodreads.com. Click through image to view the book’s page on Goodreads.]


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