Anniversary 2015

You’ve waited patiently, and as of this morning I’m more or less caught up on chores and e-mail, so here it is: the image-heavy recap of our annual trip to the Olympic Peninsula. This year, as in 2013, we were able to get a cottage at Lake Crescent. Last year we went to Lake Quinault instead, because we didn’t make reservations at Lake Crescent soon enough. They are both incredible, both are in the Olympic National Park, and I highly recommend both, but for whatever reason we prefer Lake Crescent.


Our 2015 cottage, #21, was next door to our 2013 cottage, #20.


We spent a lot of time recuperating in the lodge’s main room after indulgent dinners. Those are Matt’s legs.


Tipsy after-dinner selfie in the lodge.


The lodge at night.

We ate like kings.


Granny’s Cafe is one of my very favorite diners of all time ever, equal to Beth’s and the Iron Skillet. We ate lunch there both days we were on the peninsula. Both times I had a grilled cheese with tomato and a heap of sweet potato fries and both times Matt had a patty melt.


Breakfast in the lodge on morning #1: I had the smoked salmon plate and Matt had the Lake Crescent Scramble.


Dinner on night #2 in the lodge: I had the gnocchi with corn and caramelized onions and Matt had the slow-cooked pork shanks over garlic mashed potatoes. On night #1 I had the fried trout over mushroom risotto and Matt had an enormous bacon burger.

We saw lots of wildlife.


On our first day, just after check-in, we ran into this guy so close to the lodge than you can see our new red and white truck in the background.


There were lots of ducks, as usual. This little one, who still had tufts of down on her neck, seemed to like us best.


On our second morning we saw this raccoon sneaking from porch to porch across the front lawn, hunched over and furtive, like he was coming home late from an illicit Dumpster party.


There were plenty of my favorite (very judgmental) Douglas squirrels.

And, of course, there was the lake itself and the mountains around it.


A rainbow in the morning mist on day two.

dscf6193 wm

The dock and Pyramid Peak as seen from our favorite Adirondack chairs.


Crepuscular rays busting through the cloud cover in the morning.


From a distance the lake is a dark teal color. But if you lean over the water it is crystal clear down to about 60 feet.

— Amanda


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