Book review: Little, Big by John Crowley

little big

I read this when I was still participating in the 2015 Popsugar Reading Challenge.

I found this book exceptionally hard to follow. Circuitous, convoluted sentences, laden with purple words wend in and out of metaphors that get dragged on for page-long paragraphs. I was perpetually confused as to whether or not what I had read was metaphor or simile or real action or someone’s dream. I felt less like I was reading and more like I was analyzing a highly layered but poorly stratified core sample from an unknown source, and without a microscope.

In high contrast to the incomprehensible nature of most of the “action” and relationships were the embarrassing and obvious tropes in the latter half: the oversexed Latina, POC described as food-colored, the manic pixie girl who teaches the young man to live by leaving him.

Had this book not perfectly fit the requirements of the reading challenge I was doing I would never have read past the first part.

— Amanda


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