Friday link roundup

friday link roundup

I promise I’ll write a legitimate blog post again soon. But life has taken a big crap on me (well, mostly on my beloved Volvo, Karl, and my once-robust flock of chickens, of whom only one remains) and I’ve been busy panicking. In the meantime, click on this stuff. It’s good.

Finding Comfort Without Food from Ridgeview Medical Center. As an emotional eater I have read a lot of these lists, but this one stands out for both comprehensiveness and originality.

Bon Appétit debunked some cooking myths even I had been clinging to. Salt your beans, sear your steak at the end, use less water to cook pasta – just turn the kitchen on its ear why dontcha!

I got into Yoga earlier this year and then I got right back out after just a few months, after reading a whole lot about cultural appropriation. I stopped bellydancing, too, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Yoga. After reading this article on separating neo-colonialism from Yoga practice by recombining the postural aspect with the philosophical (as was intended), I am tentatively easing back into Yoga – philosophy-first.

In “No, It’s Not Your Opinion. You’re Just Wrong,” Jef Rouner of Houston Press explains why “it’s my opinion” isn’t the amazing Captain America shield you want it to be when you are full of shit.

— Amanda


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