Recipe roundup

recipe roundupMeatball Tagine With Herbs and Lemon from A user posted this recipe from Cooking Moroccan by Tess Mallos. So much flavor! The meatballs are full of cumin and paprika and onion and cook in a broth flavored with cilantro and turmeric, with pops of bright preserved lemon. Takes some time, but most of it is hands-off, and it’s easy. The only expense is the lamb so it’s not too hard on the wallet, either.

Homemade Garlic Freezer Bread from Budget Bytes. There’s only two of us here so when we have spaghetti or lasagna and one of those giant batons of pre-slathered read-to-bake garlic bread from the deli about half the loaf ends up going to the chickens, no matter my love for buttery carbohydrates. Solution: this recipe. Buy an unsliced, non-slathered loaf of French bread, slice vertically like regular bread, slather it yourself, and then freeze in baggies of two to bake as you need them. Texas toast for two in your own freezer.

Eggplant with Yogurt and Dill from the Food Network Kitchens. I decided it was high time I tried eggplant and I chose this as my first recipe. Apparently I chose wisely. Apparently I also like eggplant. But really, what vegetable isn’t delicious when roasted to caramely perfection with shallots and garlic and then slathered in tangy yogurt?

— Amanda


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