Oh, I’m still here!


One of the most popular images from my new photography blog (see below): the morning sun backlighting the one last undeveloped lot in my neighborhood.

This is one of those sorry-I-haven’t-written-in-a-while posts where you list your excuses and give a quick update then make promises about future posts. You know the drill.

Excuses (and they’re pretty good this time):

  1. THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT. Also known as The 2016 Dumpster Fire Election. This really took it out of me. Kind of fucked up my life. Kind of put my relationship with two of my four brothers on hiatus. Kind of scared the ever-living shit out of me.
  2. NaNoWriMo. Damn near killed me, but I won again! For the second time I took a previous NaNoWriMo project and subtracted a major element and tried to make a new book out of it. Note to self: STOP DOING THAT IT IS TORRRRRTURRRRE.
  3. I’ve stopped doing the monthly reading roundup posts because they are a time suck and if you want actually wanted to know what I was reading you could always follow me on Goodreads.


  1. I have started a second Tumblr for my photography. Check it out if you like to look at pictures of stuff. I’m going for a “quintessentially rural western Washington” vibe.
  2. I have discovered, much to my surprise, that spirituality and atheism are not incompatible. And that I have a spirituality. And that others have this exact same spirituality. There’s a name for it – several, actually. (I prefer spiritual naturalism.) This is a put-you-back-on-your-heels kind of thing. I know there shouldn’t really be rules about personal beliefs but I am so much a rule follower that I have suppressed this inborn philosophy since teenagerdom because I was under the impression that spirituality was necessarily a theistic thing requiring supernatural belief and that having it made me, as an atheist, a hypocrite. Not so, it turns out. So … this is a big thing. I am chronicling my daily little epiphanies and progress on my primary Tumblr. (Yes, I do spend a lot of time on Tumblr.)

Promises about future posts:

  1. A combination of photography and writing about a very satisfying hands-on project I am doing: repairing the very unique quilt that my mother-in-law and niece hand made and gave to us as a wedding gift. Not only is it beautiful, but it is the perfect year-round warmth and we have slept under it pretty much every day we have been married.
  2. The inevitable annual New Year’s Resolution post. I can’t help it. I love resolutions.
  3. There will almost certainly be posts about that spirituality thing.

Hang in there, everybody.

— Amanda


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