Silver Peak Photography

I mentioned in an earlier post, I have started a second Tumblr blog for my photography. I sold my motorcycle to buy a DSLR because I love to take pictures but I am extremely frustrated by my inability to make photos look like what I’m seeing (*exasperated noises*). There’s a learning curve, of course, but I am already leaps and bounds closer to accomplishing that. I have no plans to go pro because 1) every single woman I know except my mother is a professional photographer so 1a) the market is saturated and 1b) I am uncomfortable trying to compete with my friends and 2) I don’t take pictures of people and that’s where the money is (weddings and portraits). There’s a lot less call for and money in landscape photography. Maybe someday I’ll try my hand at selling images on stock photography websites, but in the meantime I just like to take pictures of stuff.

I call my photography blog Silver Peak Photography because Silver Peak is the name of the fictionalized version of my adopted hometown (and, by extension, the fictional universe) in which my novels take place. Silver Peak is an archetypal Pacific Northwestern small town and what I’m shooting for (ha!) with my photography is the archetypal Pacific Northwestern small town aesthetic. I like to take pictures of beautiful things and interesting things and inexplicable things but there’s a balance of beautiful and ugly in the perfect rural photo. My best example thus far:

img_0221_fotorBeautiful light, lush greenery . . . shitloads of packed-down litter. The yin-yang of the rural: 50% National Park-like gorgeous scenery, 50% human ugliness.

Anyway, here’s some more of my stuff. If you like it you can see more at Silver Peak Photography.


A foreclosed house soon to be burned down by the fire department. I think I took this the first day I had my camera, which explains the blown-out sky, although it’s a hard thing to avoid in the Pacific Northwestern autumn.


Dewy lichen on an alder branch. One of the first halfway decent pictures I took with my new camera.


One of a startling number of deer rib cages newbie hunters (or maybe poachers) left on the wrong side of the gates on DNR roads around my house this year. (Fun fact: this particular rib cage was just outside the shot in the top photo of the litter and blackberries. I would have loved to have them both in the same shot but I would have had to work myself twenty feet deep into another thicket, so . . . )


There’s several of these signs around a property on the road to town.


This is the best picture I have yet taken of this listing mailbox station (yes, I have shot this thing like ten times). I cannot seem to capture the lean and twist and fragility. The pictures make it look far more level and rigid than it really is. At least this one has nice light.


A flag on the back of a classic log truck in town.

— Amanda


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