So why have I moved?

blogger to wordpressEDIT 02/27/15: This morning I heard that Blogger has reversed the policy that offended me. I am very glad that they listened to the outcry from their users, but in the meantime I have gotten quite cozy over here at WordPress, so I’m staying put.

Well, for one thing I wanted to snag before someone else did. Really, it’s amazing that my username of choice has thusfar been available eeeeeeverywhere.

But that wasn’t my #1 motivating factor.

In all the time I was with Blogger their sole “adult content” policy has been: if you have adult content check this little box so that people are warned before they enter your site. That was it! I thought it was a great policy. It put all the onus on the (little-b) blogger and (big-B) Blogger only had to step in if someone complained that an adult-content blogger was posting without the warning. So simple!

But a few days ago I logged into my dash and saw a banner at the top of the screen warning of a new adult content policy. No prior warning – not so much as the tiniest rumble that this was being thought about or worked on. In short, the new policy is: For reasons we will neither divulge or even allude to, we have suddenly decided to crack down on adult sites. As of March 23, we will begin removing access to anything we deem “adult” (but we are not going to explain what we mean by that so we can take down whatever we want, including blogs in which confused teens innocently discuss their outsider sexuality with one another). Only registered users will have access and your blog will essentially blink out of existence, as it will be made invisible to searchbots.

I don’t have any adult content on my blog, but that doesn’t mean I’m against it. I am, however, very strongly against A) censorship, B) abrupt, unexplained, 180-degree reversals in policy. Blogger had, at one time, stated that it was firmly against this very kind of censorship. This makes me very wary. Not quite tinfoil-hat-turn-off-the-main-electrical-breaker paranoid, but uncomfortably tingly.

So this was less a planned move and more of a leap from a runaway train. But I count myself lucky for having gotten out while the getting was good. WordPress is where all the cool kids hang out, anyway, and I’m already starting to get the hang of it.

— Amanda